“The big question for the BIG GAME”

So the biggest question of 2018 is here : Who perform at the half time show?
Fantastico…… as we all know only 20 week or 138 days left for the SUPERBOWL LII, the 52nd superbowl and the 48th modern era NFL championship game at U.S Bank stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States at 4 feb 2018.

“A big question which is on every fan’s mind in the world, who will perform at the halftime show.”

Everyone remember last year Lady Gaga performance which blows everyone’s mind.

Superbowl is not just a game it is like a legacy
All we know that the top artist of the world are invited to perform because THE HALF TIME SHOW is basically most awesome live moment of the music and more than 120 million eyes of the worldwide audience are dying to catch the performance.

Some rumours says that, this year Gaudelli asked Underwood to write a new number , her song “The Champion” at the opening ceremony on the Big Sunday of the Big Game on 4 feb 2018.

The power punch of the music , by the world top artist celebrating this big day as a festival of the year for which all the football fans which are waiting for this day.
To rock the dome on the Big Sunday there are some best, not best actually the bestest Billboard artist.

Some of them are:

Despacito” everyone is singing this song by the top artist which is always famous for his rocking performance and the love from all his female fans “Justin Bieber
Yes JB the rock star boy. He is also in the list of billboard artist list in the big game “Superbowl LII”

Drake” Billboard’s reigning artist of the year is at the top of the list with 13 billboard awards in total. He is proved to the universe appeal that he could entertain with his power pack performance on the half time show on the big day of the game.

There is no bigger hit maker in the today’s generation. The only name is “Rihanna” beauty from Barbados. Rihanna is the big player for the big game half show time performance. She holds the Guinness world record for the most digital singles sold and is the only artist in history to sell over 100 million singles and a lot of track records.

Taylor swift clear cut competitor as she dominated the music world in 2015 becoming first women in history to win a Grammy for the year twice as a lead artist.

ED SHEERAN- The most popular singer-songwriter has been flying up the ranks as one of the most popular touring artist of the year. He is created some music which catch the heart of his fans which pop tunes, but his underrated guitar skills are a spectacle of their own.

Pink” this high flying diva has made a name for herself by incorporating complicated mind-blowing acrobatics into her performances.

Whether it is aerial choreography or swinging from trapeze, this “raise your glass” singer has plenty of the party anthems to bring her exciting shows to an bigger stage.

Now just go and vote for your favourite artist on billboard.
Now see who will give his/her kickoff perform who rocks the audience at the half time show at the big game.
Keep your excitement on the top for the Superbowl LII.

 It's Not A Game , It Is Legacy

Get Ready : Taylor Swift Will Put On An Epic Pre-Super Bowl 2017 Performance

After the big announcement that the Lady Gaga is going to perform at Super bowl 2017 half time show which takes place on 5th February, now, it has been revealed that the American darling Taylor Swift will warm everyone’s heart by performing a pre-Super bowl night show before the one of the year’s biggest sporting event i.e., on 4th February 2017.

The other big news of T. Swift is that the pop singer has just signed an exclusive multi-year deal with AT&T ( AT&T inc. is an American multinational telecommunication company, which is the second largest provider of mobile telephones services in USA).

Get Ready : Taylor Swift Will Put On An Epic Pre-Super Bowl 2017 Performance

This partnership includes a variety of events together, which includes pre-super bowl performance too. The tickets for the concert will be made available through AT&T promotions and a contest will be held. The concert will be hosted in a 64,000 square feet venue in Houston, Texas. So keep your eyes and ears open to grab the biggest upcoming opportunity after ofcourse our favorite Super Bowl.

On Tuesday 4th of October, the star showed off an AT&T jersey on her twitter account with her favorite number, 13
Taylor Swift will only be performing the day before the Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl 2017 halftime show. In addition the video clip from the concert will be made available to DirecTV customers. `

Swift’s performance could provide a valuable spotlight time to AT&T during the next year’s Super bowl. Through this performance AT&T is preparing to launch online streaming TV service, “DirecTV Now” as it seeks those viewers who want a less expensive cable and satellite TV services.

As the fact that Taylor Swift is known for releasing an album in the autumn every other year, her last record 1989 emerged back was released in autumn 2014, so if she is keeping with her pattern we could be getting the new album soon. Right?

There is no official statement on which songs, Swift is going to sing on pre-Super Bowl concert but the expected ones are listed below.

Back to December

 ‘Love Story’

 ‘You Belong With Me’

‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

These songs are the best songs of Taylor Swift and that’s why these must be included in the performance. As Swift will release her new album in autumn so one or two songs should also be included in her performance from that album too.

A little background of Taylor Swift, for those who don't know about her which is pretty rare. Taylor Swift is one of the most popular female contemporary singers. She is also known for narrating songs about her personal life. Swift has received many awards and honors, including 10 Grammy Awards, 19 American Music awards, 23 billboard music awards and much much more.

Super Bowl Defender - Simply The Best Super Bowl Game

Super Bowl Defender - Simply The Best Super Bowl Game

Super bowl defender is the biggest football game that put you in the seats of a defender for a change. This game is so easy and fun to play and the features of this game are good graphics, various upgrades and bone crunching gameplay with awesome sound effects. 

Super bowl defender is a simulation game. The main objective of this game is to tackle your opponents seven times then the game gets over. However, this game will get very difficult pretty soon when you get ahead in the game. Super bowl defender has multiple features like multiple upgrades that can be bought between levels with the credit that you earn. 

In this game I advise you to buy the sharkpie energy drink with the help of that game money you earn. This drink will help you to boost speed and acceleration but this is effective for one time run only so you will have to buy again for each and every time your player will run. So, you should keep a lot of these in stock for a better play.

There is also some demerits of this game which is this game has a lot of bugs. On the levels that pit you against the multiple opponents allowing all but the opponent reach the time zone then tackling the last opponent before they reach at the end zone and thereafter will allow you to jump to the next level.

How to play

When the game has loaded then you have to click on the green continue icon to reach the main menu there after you will get 5 option of a defender and here you have to pick one  of them and after that, you have to press up for first level.

When you bring your opponent down successfully then you will earn credits and by using of credits you can buy many features as I told above in the starting of this post about sharkpie energy that energy will boost your player's running speed but you have to use it again and again for every time of running. 

If you don’t have money you can purchase the credits through “Defender store” and if you running back makes it to the end zone for a touchdown, you will lose your one chance.  Once all of your game lives are used  then if you want to play again in that case you have to restart this game from the beginning.


Here you will use the arrow keys for controlling your defender’s all movement. Whenever you get close to your opponent then here you have to press either z button or space bar to tackle your opponent and then you will win the game, if you could not win then you have to press down arrow key for restarting again and you will get only 7 chance to win and if you will lose you have to restart this game from the beginning.

If you want to play this game just visit this website and after visiting you have to press up key and thereafter your game will start and I have told you all the rules and instructions so go ahead and play this challenging game. I don't think you would have any problem now.

Wanna see this game in action? Here you go!

Example Game

When you will visit the link which i have mentioned above thereafter you will see the display like this, here you have to click on "PLAY SUPER BOWL DEFENDER"

 Best Super Bowl Game

then you will see on your display something like this here you have to click Up arrow to start the game, then the game will begin.

Best Super Bowl Game

after tapping the up button then you must tackle you opponent and for tackling you just need to go closer your opponent and thereafter you have to press the either spacebar or "Z" key. When done right your opponent gets tackled.

and when you will finish the first round then you will get to the next round and here you will get two opponents and you have to tackle both of them before reaching there on the end zone.
Best Super Bowl Game

As you can see in this picture below i have been able to tackle first opponent and after tackling an opponent, one pop up will show on your screen as you can see in this image below "AWESOME TACKLE".

And now i m going to tackle the second opponent. Let's see what will happen.

And now as you can see that i am very close to my second opponent and i am gonna catch him soon now.

Best Super Bowl Game

Finally I was able to tackle the second opponent too and now I have won this level and now I am going to get to the next level.

In this level here is a twist and i,e, our opponent is running towards us and that's why this level is a little bit difficult.

As you can see I have tackled him again, I am awesome haha.

Now we have came to the next level and this is a really difficult level here we have to tackle a car which is really not easy.

So in order to tackle the car, first I am gonna take the Shark pie energy drink for fast running and may be thereafter I will be able to tackle the car so let's go.

So here the car is coming and let's see whats gonna happen now.

Oh no, I have lost the game, the car has reached the end zone.

And the game is over now so guys as you see in this example game this game is really awesome to play and I am sure you will like it so what are you waiting for, go ahead and start playing this game the link has been mentioned above.

Got anything to say? Well, then let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Super Bowl 2017 Countdown - Best Clocks to Track Countdown

Are you a Super Bowl fan? Well, yes you are. That's why you have came here to get the Super Bowl 2017 countdown clocks or timers, whatever you say them.

So, what we are going  to do here is provide you the best countdowns for you. These timers work every second and on all devices, so it doesn't matter which device you use, you can use these countdown clocks or timers. 

We all know the importance of Super Bowl for an American, its like an unofficial festival for all of us. It always takes place on the first Sunday of the February and people often call this Sunday as Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl LI (Roman equal of 51) or Super Bowl 2017 is going to be held on 5th of Feb 2017 at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. Getting tickets of the game directly from Super Bowl is impossible now but there are many sites available which give out tickets at steep prices.

Without much more waiting here comes

Super Bowl 2017 Countdown - Best Clocks to Track Countdown


Super Bowl 2017 Countdown - Best Clocks to Track Countdown

This website provide a simplistic view of the clock. The clock can be seen on the left side of the page and a really good image is selected for the background.


This countdown clock shows the time left in all formats. That is the time left for Super Bowl is converted not only into days but into hours, minutes an seconds too. Also, at the bottom the exact countdown clock is placed. The difference between the two explained can be seen in the image above.Although, this clock is a little offset due to a minor mistake by the owner but it will get corrected in a few week surely.


This countdown clock has some extra features that you can see in the image above. Yup, it has some awesome backgrounds for all Super Bowl fans and a music which many wouldn't like as I personally didn't liked it.


This countdown clock is also one of the simpler ones. It has the Super Bowl 2017 written on top and then comes the countdown. There is not any background here, it is the most minimalistic countdown clock on this page.


Last but not the least here, we have wheniscalendars. They have much animated clock with a picture of the Super Bowl LI or Super Bowl 2017 below.


The list of the countdown has ended. Got the perfect one for you yet? If yes, then thank me in the comments below and if no, then lets talk in the comments below about what you exactly would like to have.

Lady Gaga to perform at Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Show. It's Official Now!

Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl authorities, both have now confirmed that she is going to perform at Super Bowl 2017 halftime show which will take place on 5th February.

Recently Lady Gaga was visited by Carson Daly from 97.1 Radio station for knowing more about what people can expect from her Super Bowl performance.

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl 50 - Lady Gaga to perform at Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Show

In the interview, Gaga said: “She hopes to make the audience feel connected to her as much as she can during the performance”. Gaga has also confirmed through tweeting on twitter that she will perform at super bowl 2017 halftime and the 2017 halftime show would be Lady Gaga's second time performing at the super bowl.

The show with an average audience north of (more than) 100 million viewers will follow Lady Gaga’s return to pop.

This year, at Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga sang the national anthem for which she said it was like a dream come true. It was her childhood dream she has said in an interview.

According to the BillBoard Gaga’s national anthem performance is why she is picked for the Super Bowl halftime show next year.

The thing we know is that Gaga will surely make headlines with her performance as we all know that Gaga is known for her unique and highly entertaining performance and her killer vocals.

There's no official statement on which songs, Gaga is going to sing on Super Bowl but the expected ones are given below. The list is made by selecting her best songs from the best ones.

Bad Romance - Her best song yet. Period.

Poker Face


Born This Way


These songs are the best songs of lady gaga and maybe that's why these are going to be included.
Apart from her performance, Gaga’s fans are also looking forward to her new upcoming album, titled “Joanne.” So, we can expect one or two songs from this Album too. Gaga's new album will be out on 21 October 2016. And her sales of the album will increase too as she is going to perform in front of almost whole of USA.

Lady gaga is a one of a kind of artist and she have won an aforementioned six Grammy Awards. On her last interview with NFL network with Gaga, she told them about her excitement because of performing in front of millions of people and football fans as well. She said that “This is one of the highest honors of my career,” regarding performing national anthem this year.

Wanna say something? Then please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Biggest List of Best Commercials of Super Bowl of All Time!

Yup, you read it right. This list right here is the biggest list of best commercials of Super Bowl. If you don't believe me, well you can check them for youself. Each commercial has been carefully chosen and has got something written about it under the commercial.

Won't disclose the exact count haha. You can count yourself, if you want to but as you already know now this is the biggest list. Period.

So, now without waiting any more here we go

The Biggest List of Best Commercials of Super Bowl of All Time!

RocketMortgage by Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans has made for everyone to get a mortgage as easy as it can get. You just need to install their app, as you already know RocketMortgage. Their Super Bowl ad is very intimidating as it tells that RocketMortgage comes in between everything. It states that everyone needs a home from time to time and to get the mortgage the easiest way RocketMortgage is your best bet.

The procedure for it is quite simple, install the app, answer few questions, submit your bank statements and payslip and then you get approved.

Doritos by Fritolay

The ad showcases what even an unborn child would do to get a Dorito chip. The Doctor is telling the parents about the ultrasound and then we see the husband eating Doritos while his wife is having an ultrasound. And the main part is when...well watch it yourself. Why are you reading this more?

Audi R8

This video showcases a commander (Astronaut) who is fed up with everything and misses his space life i.e., when he landed on moon. When he doesn't have his dinner and his son finds it out, he take him out of the house for a drive in Audi R8. The ad is over the top but which ad isn't nowadays. The Audi R8's top speed is 205 Mph as shown in the commercial above.

HEINZ Ketchup

This video or exactly commercial showcases the HEINZ Ketchup different flavours and running hot dogs? haha Well, that's what exactly happened in it. Actual dogs were running in a hot dog costume towards the people in different ketchup costumes. Out of all of them, the sachet kid is soo cute. Watch the commercial right now and see some hot dogs running.


The video shows Steve Harvey the wrong name fame. Don't remember? Well, lemme do the honour. Steve Harvey on Miss Universe 2015 final announced the wrong winner and then announced the right one finally. So, what T-Mobile did here is put that thing to their advantage by... well, see the commercial and see it how they did it. Steve Harvey screams in the end, this time Verizon has got it wrong, not me. So, I would say T-Mobile has done a pretty good job on the ad front, don't know about the tech front.

Honda Ridgeline

This commercial shows a really great feature of the new Ridgeline by Honda. The feature is a new audio system called Bed Audio which makes the Ridgeline's bed into a speaker cabinet. So, its the perfect truck if you throw party alot. No need of extra speakers to carry, Ridgeline has got you covered in that area. Watch the commercial now and tell me in the comments below haven't they did a really great job.

Coke Mini

This commercial showcases Ant man stealing the last Coke Mini from Bruce Banner's a.k.a Hulk's lab and when he does that. It makes Hulk angry and he starts chasing Scott Lang a.k.a Ant man and in the end. They both share the Coke and it ends with sometimes all you need is a little Coca Cola.

Toyota Prius

One of the best commercials of super bowl. It shows when the thieves has done the burglary, their escape vehicle has been towed by the Police. So, now they have to find a plan B. So, what they do is they do a motor vehicle theft and leave some cash for the car owner. The car is the Toyota Prius and it drives so fast and smooth that the police aren't able to catch them. Watch the commercial now what are you waiting for?

Hyundai Elantra - The Chase

This commercial showcases that two persons, a husband and his wife are being chased by two bears when suddenly he starts his car through remote start. Remote start is when you start the car without even getting into it and from anywhere near. After that the bear have a nice chit chat which is quite funny. Don't believe me? Watch it yourself then.


This commercial showcases the 75 years of Jeep in 1 min. Well, not exactly but the comparison and the background narration is just awesome. It ends with the audio lines, We don't make Jeep, You do. The commercial shows two Jeep's cars one is the Jeep Grand Cherokee I think, don't know about the other one. Do you? Well, then lemme know that in the comment section below.

Avocados from Mexico

Here it is shown that even Aliens love avocados. And what it looks like after our demise they have taken a lot of things from us as memento, first the Rubik's cube, secondly they show a funny torture device haha and thirdly, its the emojis. They even show Scott Baio (Happy Days's actor) cages in a room too. And lastly they show the Avocados from Mexico which are always in season. Well, that's what the commercial says.

Amazon Echo

This video showcases Amazon Echo which is not just your ordinary speaker. It can do a lot more than that. Things like voice remote, query results etc are present in it. The commercial showcases Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino in the main roles, yup you read it right haha. Alec Baldwin is throwing a party when he suddenly stops the music through voice remote and then comes Dan Marino. And then they have an interesting chit chat. Watch the commercial now and see it for yourself.

Butterfinger chocolate 

Butterfinger is the kind of candy bar with crispiest,crunchiest with peanut buttery taste that's why people love it. Through this Superbowl commercial they launches their new chocolate with titled "Bolder than bold..".
And the awesome ad in which the man sit on the bull and jump outside the plane is directed by none other than Armando Bo, co-writer of movie "Birdman".

Through this commercial the Butterfinger shows the never before seen the level of Bold and the Great taste of the Butterfing chocolate.

Schick Hydro Razor

You definitely want the Schick hydro razor on your side because if you love the transformer series then you will definitely love this awesome battle between two razors one is normal razor and another is schick hydro razor in this commercial. This commercial was the coolest one out so far.

The most interesting thing in this commercial is the slow motion jumping action of schick razor. The 30-sec Super Bowl commercial was created by J. Walter Thompson with the launch of the new schick hydro razor.

Fitbit Blaze - Dualities

Fitbit inc. is an American Company which produces activity trackers, wireless enabled wearable devices . Through this commercial fitbit launches its new smart watch "Fitbit Blaze" on the Big Game Day.
It is similar to the modern smart watches, as it focuses on the fitness. They installed some features such as auto-tacking exercise, heart-rate monitor etc. This fitbit blaze is also integrated with fitstart which is the  an official website of fitbit for customizing the workout which can be displayed on the Blaze's screen.

Acura NSX

Acura NSX is a two seater mid-engine hybrid sports car with 3 electric motor and 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine, manufactured by Honda. The commercial is all about highlights of the car and they decided to launch their new car on Superbowl Sunday "The Big Game Day". 

The car was launched with all new exciting features like cool aerodynamics, multi material body, sport hybrid SH-AWD and much more. And the best part is hand assembles engine of the car it takes 5 hours to built a single engine by hand.

Hold Your Breath - SunTrust OnUP Movement

Everyday people are experiencing anxiety and stress because of their financial problems. About 3-quarters of American worries about money. Every American wants to reduce his or her stress and just want to focus on the moment by taking steps onward and upward towards their financial conditions. This ad comes with the slogan "Hold Your Breath" i.e, when you can't breath SunTrust aims to release that pressure to breathe again.

PayPal Money 2016

PayPal is an american company which operates online payment services all over the world. Through PayPal users can purchase or sell their product, for this it is not necessary to have a PayPal account. There Superbowl ad is not just a commercial its much  more than that it comes with the title " There is a 'New Money' in the town", The ad's message main objective is to show that the technology has come to play a tremendous role in billions of people's life around the world.


Xifaxan is a semisynthetic antibiotics, provides relief  from irritable bowel syndrome which ruins the fun experience, as seen in this Super Bowl ad. We know that some stomach problem will not stop a diehard fan for missing the Superbowl. A wiggly, distressed animated intestine running through the stand makes the super bowl commercial more entertaining. It is very helpful for relieving from abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by eating junk food.

SoFi loans

Sofi (Social Finance) is a non-profit organisation which provides student loans, mortgages and other types of loans, like parent and personal loans. Their Super Bowl ad is very intimidating as it tells that SoFi offers "great loan for great people at a great low rate" in other words  people who doesn't have good academic background should not applied for that. It provide about $50,000 loan on very low rate.

The procedure of getting SoFi loan is quite easy as everything occurs online, for apply just
go to the official website and signup with an account and fill all requirements.

Marmot-Love The Outside

Marmot is an outdoor clothing and sporting good American company which deals in mountaineering equipments also. Through this Superbowl commercial a Camper shared their love of outdoors especially if they are joined with a squirrel and his favorite marmot jacket. Through this ad company wants to encourage the Americans to experience the great fun of outdoors with the marmot jacket and other equipments.

Kia Optima

Kia Optima is a mid size 4 door sedan manufactured by Kia motors. In this Superbowl commercial starring Christopher Walken deliver a speech about "people who bled in and people who stand out" with wearing a colorful shocks in his hand shows the Kia Optima towards the next door. Through this commercial Kia launched his new sedan in front of millions of american on the Big Game Day. The Kia Optima is a two time winner of the "International car of the year" and also won the 2016 Red Dot.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The X-Men Apocalypse Superbowl commercial was really awesome as the marvel promised this was the biggest X-Man movie yet, and most surprisingly moment was to seen Olivia Munn as Psylocke. 
As the Apocalypse is the first and the most powerful mutant and he was worshiped as a god and after awaking thousands of years after, He recruits a team of  powerful mutant including magneto to cleanse mankind and create a new world, over which he wants to reign.

Turbo Tax - Never a Sellout

Turbo Tax is an American tax preparation software package, as the 45% of Americans are not aware of their health insurance. In this Superbowl commercial we are overlook the fact that your claim of "free" tax fillings.
The start cast of this Superbowl ad Sir Anthony Hopkins and a puppy name turbotax made this more interesting as Hopkins logic, He can't be sell out  because he is not selling anything.

Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Company is an American company which created this coffee by using the strongest combination of beans and a perfect roasting process and also increase the level of caffeine. The most exciting features of this Superbowl ad is first of all the death wish coffee is extremely memorable name and other, it is sort of looks like the guy is drinking half the cast of "Game Of Thrones".


Colgate Every Drop Counts

Water scarcity has become one of the major problems of the world and in future, It's gonna become an even bigger problem for all of us i.e., Living beings.So to avoid this problem we have to save water for us and for our children's children. This is the commercial of the super bowl and they are trying to make us aware of the fact that we are running out of water and we should be careful to use it. Like it is shown in the ad that just turning off the faucet while brushing the teeth can save upto 4 gallons of water which is something that many people around do not even get.

T Mobile Ft Drake 'Restricted Hotline Bling'

T-Mobile International AG is a German holding company.T-Mobile company is redefining the ways that consumers buy wireless service through leading new innovations. This company has advanced a lot in 4G LTE network with the outstanding wireless network with 64.7 million people.

The ad showcases Drake having told by the executives of a carrier to change the song particular to their need. That's what is shown in the ad sarcastically that Wireless carrier ruins everything. So, join T-Mobile, the un-carrier.

Wix.com Official Big Game Ad

Wix.com is an online platform where you can make your own stunning websites. In wix.com working or creating a website is very much easier even if you are a beginner even then you can make a website. Here they provide drag and drop options and much more functions like mobile optimized themes, etc which can make your work easier.

The video showcases that Po, wants more customers for his restaurant so he tries to makes some commercials but his master tells him that commercials are great but it is a website that you need at first to work upon

Mobile Strike Super Bowl 50 Teaser

Mobile Strike is a strategy war game. Arnold Schwarzenegger is shown in the commercial playing the game in the lift, in his house, and there are some fictional scenes too. It is a game like clash of clans, you have to build a base, train your troops and then get ready for war on the battlefield. Like it is written before it is a strategical game so it depends more on what you plan rather than what you have in your pockets.

Official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

This is another commercial by Jeep. Here they showcase a song called 4x4ever by Morgan Dorr and a lot of Jeeps. It shows them in all terrains, in desert, in a really cold place and as you know in normal places. What it actually implies that the Jeeps can be used anywhere irrespective of the terrain. And if they don't imply that I don't know why even they used so many landscapes.

LG OLED TV — "Man From The Future" Commercial

LG OLED TV comes with the curved display with flat OLED panels which gives really incredible clarity. The display size of LG OLED C6 is 55- inch with its catchy name OLED55C6V. The design of this TV is very foxy and If we talk about its parts it has 3 HDMI sockets and three USB sockets as well and its remote have a motion control button to scroll menu which makes the controlling TV a really fun thing to do.

Pepsi 2013 NFL Football Commercial

Pepsi is taking its partnership with the National Football League to a whole new level with the campaign titled " Are You Fan Enough?" In the last year, the commercial of Pepsi was in the second position. Pepsi has signed up an agreement for 10- years with the NFL for commercials.

In past, Pepsi has been the second-biggest advertiser in the Super Bowl. From 1999 to 2008, the company has  spent approx $143 million in total on just Super Bowl ads.

Super Bowl 50 - Budweiser

Budweiser is going big for their Super Bowl commercial. Bands and athletes shower themselves in the beer to celebrate and it's enjoyed on the dance floor as well. The ad showcases the man drinking Budweiser at the bar flicks the lemon slice off his glass. Budweiser says it's not for everyone, but this Bud's for you.

Advil Commercial Super Bowl 2016

Super bowl commercial for Advil shows people who have left their pain behind. Advil gives relief when one has got headache, back pain and some more related things. In this commercial, an old woman is doing yoga while holding herself off the ground with her arms, a guy bouncing multiple balls on the ground, some guy doing the pole dancing and someone jumping rope. What they imply with that is whatever pain you got you can get relief with Advil, the #1 choice for millions of Americans.

Apartments.com Commercial

Apartments.com is the leading online apartment listing website. If you are looking for a new place to live then you must go for Apartments.com to find a new apartment according to your needs.The main target of Apartments.com is to show the world that how great apartments lifestyle really is. In this ad "Jeff Goldblum" is playing the role of "Silicon Valley Maverick". The ad showcases silicon valley maverick who is playing piano and the music he is playing is the Jeffersons theme song "Movin on up"

WeatherTech: "Resources" Big Game Commercial 2016

In this super bowl commercial, they are going to tell you about the WeatherTech company. This company makes cars floors.Car floor mats might not seem like a good product to advertise before but nowadays most of the people change them every now and then that's why WeatherTech has purchased 30 sec spot for the big game and  it does not looks like a bad idea.
WeatherTech makes interior protection like floor liner, cargo and side window deflectors, on the other hand, This company also makes home and business products and pet accessories as well.


This list ends here. But there's one list left. Which one? Its yours list. Now, there is a comment section below and I would love to hear your favorite Super Bowl commericals out. Or you can just tell me that whether you loved these commercials or hate them or just say hi below.

Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

Super Bowl is one of the most watched sports event of the world and is highly popular all over the world for the 1 hour main game, halftime shows and high quality expensive commercials.

It is the annual championship game of the NFL (National Football League) and is the highest level of American professional national game. The game season begins in the late summer every year and the top two teams of AFC and NFC gets to play the iconic Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

The NFL has trademarked the term Super Bowl and that's why the non-sponsoring corporation can not use this term. They have to use terms like Big Game etc. to talk in regard to the game.

The day on which Super Bowl is held is always a Sunday so the particular day is called as Super Bowl Sunday and it is considered by millions of Americans as unofficial American Holiday. But it is a Sunday so it will always be a holiday so I don't get this unofficial thing.

The Super Bowl 2016 was named Super Bowl 50 and for the Super Bowl 2017, roman numbers are coming back. That is the Super Bowl 2017 is officially named Super Bowl LI which will take place on February 5 , 2017 at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. This is the third time the event is taking place in Houston.

The NRG stadium has maximum seating capacity of 71,795 viewers and it is difficult to grab those seat because the demand exceeds the supply by a really big margin.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched event of the world and is the second most watched sporting event coming after only UEFA's Champions League final. The winner of Super Bowl gets the Lombardi Trophy which is named this in honor of NFL coach Vince Lombardi who is considered to be the one of the best coach of the game in all history.

A Little Background About Super Bowl

The game was created as a part of merger agreement between AFL (American Football League) and NFL (National Football League). NFL which was formed in 1920 was able to kill all the rival leagues for 40 years but then cam AFL and it forced NFL to merge with them.

They was able to force them for merger as AFL has captured a lot of market share in terms of players and fans. So, it would result in less profit for NFL. That's why in the year of 1966, before the season of American Football started, NFL and AFL signed a merger agreement which would come in action from the year 1970.

After the merger the name of each league was changed, the NFL, National Football League became Nation Football Conference and the AFL, American Football League became AFC, American Football Conference.

So the champion of each conference gets to play in the Super Bowl which is held on the first Sunday of February.

From the agreement, the name decided at first was AFL-NFL Championship game but later on someone from the official staff used Super Bowl and the media started using the term then. Although it didn't became popular at first but soon people got used to it and it became the official name of the game. Also, even the day on the game is played was also declared as Super Bowl Sunday.


Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

Many a tickets are booked for the two teams participating and also for the other NFL teams. The remaining tickets are available for others and that is also given through a random drawing. So, you need some luck to land a ticket for Super Bowl.
The random drawing for the Super Bowl 2017 has been closed for new people. It means you can no longer get a chance to get a ticket for Super Bowl 2017.

The last date to register for the random drawing was June 1 2016 for individuals and September 1 for disabled individuals. So, if you want to see a Super Bowl live, better luck next time.


Super bowl 2016 had 9 officials and the number given on the right side indicates there uniform number.

Referee:  Clete Blakeman (34)
Umpire:  Jeff Rice (44)
Head linesman:  Wayne Mackie (106)
Line judge:  Rusty Baynes (59)
Field judge:  Boris Cheek (41)
Side judge:  Scott Edwards (3)
Back judge:  Keith Ferguson (61)
Replay official:  Charles Stewarts
Replay assistant:  Jimmy Oldham

Halftime Show

Every year as the title above suggests during the half time of the game, there is a show. Stars like Michael Jackson, Katy Perry have performed in the past during the half time. It lasts for around 30 minutes.
According to a recent news, Lady Gaga is expected to perform at the Super Bowl LI but the officials at NFL have said otherwise. So, there is no official statement yet whether the Mother Monster will play at Super Bowl or not.

How Super Bowl Works

Every year millions of football fans gather on the first Sunday of February in front of their TV sets to watch the game. It lasts for a little more than 4 hours. Out of these 4 hours, in 1 hour the actual game is played and in the remaining time is given to commercials and halftime shows where celebrities like Coldplay, Beyonce perform.

Talking about the commercials, they are utterly expensive on this day and are also the best in class. The reason they are of highest quality being the advertisers have to capture the audience in short span of time which is taken in exchange of alot of money.

Infact, the commercials of Super bowl are so popular that many people just watch the show for them.

The two teams which play against each other are the best teams of NFC and AFC that year respectively. The home team is selected on the basis of whether the current Super Bowl is even or odd. If the number is even, AFC's team is selected as the home team and if it is odd the NFC team is chosen to be the home team.

Winning the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

After winning the Super bowl, the winner gets the trophy i.e, the Lombardi trophy. The trophy is named after Late Vince Lombardi. Originally the name of the trophy was World Championship Game Trophy, the trophy was renamed the Lombardi trophy following Lombardi’s death in September 1970 to honor him.

The winners of the game also get the Super Bowl rings which is given to every player of the team. The rings are given as the trophy is only one and there are so many players so everyone would have something to remember the game.

The winner of Super Bowl is usually declared as “World Champions”. Although it is played only in America by Americans but still they use this phrase.

Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl Sunday isn't just a much awaited day for the fans but it is also for the restaurants, bars and food retailers. A long TV program with family and friends equals to lots of food and beverages getting consumed. It is the 2nd most food consumption day in United States of America after the Thanksgiving Day according to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Some Interesting Facts About Super Bowl

  • The first Super Bowl was held on 15 January 1967.
  • Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day in the USA.
  • The Super Bowl is currently the most watched broadcast of the year of American Television.
  • The average price for a 30 sec commercial spot currently stands around $4 to $5 million.
  • Katy Perry (30 at the time of performing) is the youngest woman in 15 years to headline the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • No star who performs at the halftime show gets paid. Instead they do this to get more exposure which results in more albums sales, more views and more downloads.
  • The idea of using Roman numerals and the idea of naming this event as Super Bowl is credited to Lamar Hunt Founder of the Kansas City Chiefs.