Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

Super Bowl is one of the most watched sports event of the world and is highly popular all over the world for the 1 hour main game, halftime shows and high quality expensive commercials.

It is the annual championship game of the NFL (National Football League) and is the highest level of American professional national game. The game season begins in the late summer every year and the top two teams of AFC and NFC gets to play the iconic Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

The NFL has trademarked the term Super Bowl and that's why the non-sponsoring corporation can not use this term. They have to use terms like Big Game etc. to talk in regard to the game.

The day on which Super Bowl is held is always a Sunday so the particular day is called as Super Bowl Sunday and it is considered by millions of Americans as unofficial American Holiday. But it is a Sunday so it will always be a holiday so I don't get this unofficial thing.

The Super Bowl 2016 was named Super Bowl 50 and for the Super Bowl 2017, roman numbers are coming back. That is the Super Bowl 2017 is officially named Super Bowl LI which will take place on February 5 , 2017 at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas. This is the third time the event is taking place in Houston.

The NRG stadium has maximum seating capacity of 71,795 viewers and it is difficult to grab those seat because the demand exceeds the supply by a really big margin.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched event of the world and is the second most watched sporting event coming after only UEFA's Champions League final. The winner of Super Bowl gets the Lombardi Trophy which is named this in honor of NFL coach Vince Lombardi who is considered to be the one of the best coach of the game in all history.

A Little Background About Super Bowl

The game was created as a part of merger agreement between AFL (American Football League) and NFL (National Football League). NFL which was formed in 1920 was able to kill all the rival leagues for 40 years but then cam AFL and it forced NFL to merge with them.

They was able to force them for merger as AFL has captured a lot of market share in terms of players and fans. So, it would result in less profit for NFL. That's why in the year of 1966, before the season of American Football started, NFL and AFL signed a merger agreement which would come in action from the year 1970.

After the merger the name of each league was changed, the NFL, National Football League became Nation Football Conference and the AFL, American Football League became AFC, American Football Conference.

So the champion of each conference gets to play in the Super Bowl which is held on the first Sunday of February.

From the agreement, the name decided at first was AFL-NFL Championship game but later on someone from the official staff used Super Bowl and the media started using the term then. Although it didn't became popular at first but soon people got used to it and it became the official name of the game. Also, even the day on the game is played was also declared as Super Bowl Sunday.


Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

Many a tickets are booked for the two teams participating and also for the other NFL teams. The remaining tickets are available for others and that is also given through a random drawing. So, you need some luck to land a ticket for Super Bowl.
The random drawing for the Super Bowl 2017 has been closed for new people. It means you can no longer get a chance to get a ticket for Super Bowl 2017.

The last date to register for the random drawing was June 1 2016 for individuals and September 1 for disabled individuals. So, if you want to see a Super Bowl live, better luck next time.


Super bowl 2016 had 9 officials and the number given on the right side indicates there uniform number.

Referee:  Clete Blakeman (34)
Umpire:  Jeff Rice (44)
Head linesman:  Wayne Mackie (106)
Line judge:  Rusty Baynes (59)
Field judge:  Boris Cheek (41)
Side judge:  Scott Edwards (3)
Back judge:  Keith Ferguson (61)
Replay official:  Charles Stewarts
Replay assistant:  Jimmy Oldham

Halftime Show

Every year as the title above suggests during the half time of the game, there is a show. Stars like Michael Jackson, Katy Perry have performed in the past during the half time. It lasts for around 30 minutes.
According to a recent news, Lady Gaga is expected to perform at the Super Bowl LI but the officials at NFL have said otherwise. So, there is no official statement yet whether the Mother Monster will play at Super Bowl or not.

How Super Bowl Works

Every year millions of football fans gather on the first Sunday of February in front of their TV sets to watch the game. It lasts for a little more than 4 hours. Out of these 4 hours, in 1 hour the actual game is played and in the remaining time is given to commercials and halftime shows where celebrities like Coldplay, Beyonce perform.

Talking about the commercials, they are utterly expensive on this day and are also the best in class. The reason they are of highest quality being the advertisers have to capture the audience in short span of time which is taken in exchange of alot of money.

Infact, the commercials of Super bowl are so popular that many people just watch the show for them.

The two teams which play against each other are the best teams of NFC and AFC that year respectively. The home team is selected on the basis of whether the current Super Bowl is even or odd. If the number is even, AFC's team is selected as the home team and if it is odd the NFC team is chosen to be the home team.

Winning the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2017 - Introduction

After winning the Super bowl, the winner gets the trophy i.e, the Lombardi trophy. The trophy is named after Late Vince Lombardi. Originally the name of the trophy was World Championship Game Trophy, the trophy was renamed the Lombardi trophy following Lombardi’s death in September 1970 to honor him.

The winners of the game also get the Super Bowl rings which is given to every player of the team. The rings are given as the trophy is only one and there are so many players so everyone would have something to remember the game.

The winner of Super Bowl is usually declared as “World Champions”. Although it is played only in America by Americans but still they use this phrase.

Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl Sunday isn't just a much awaited day for the fans but it is also for the restaurants, bars and food retailers. A long TV program with family and friends equals to lots of food and beverages getting consumed. It is the 2nd most food consumption day in United States of America after the Thanksgiving Day according to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Some Interesting Facts About Super Bowl

  • The first Super Bowl was held on 15 January 1967.
  • Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day in the USA.
  • The Super Bowl is currently the most watched broadcast of the year of American Television.
  • The average price for a 30 sec commercial spot currently stands around $4 to $5 million.
  • Katy Perry (30 at the time of performing) is the youngest woman in 15 years to headline the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • No star who performs at the halftime show gets paid. Instead they do this to get more exposure which results in more albums sales, more views and more downloads.
  • The idea of using Roman numerals and the idea of naming this event as Super Bowl is credited to Lamar Hunt Founder of the Kansas City Chiefs.