Super Bowl Defender - Simply The Best Super Bowl Game

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Super Bowl Defender - Simply The Best Super Bowl Game

Super bowl defender is the biggest football game that put you in the seats of a defender for a change. This game is so easy and fun to play and the features of this game are good graphics, various upgrades and bone crunching gameplay with awesome sound effects. 

Super bowl defender is a simulation game. The main objective of this game is to tackle your opponents seven times then the game gets over. However, this game will get very difficult pretty soon when you get ahead in the game. Super bowl defender has multiple features like multiple upgrades that can be bought between levels with the credit that you earn. 

In this game I advise you to buy the sharkpie energy drink with the help of that game money you earn. This drink will help you to boost speed and acceleration but this is effective for one time run only so you will have to buy again for each and every time your player will run. So, you should keep a lot of these in stock for a better play.

There is also some demerits of this game which is this game has a lot of bugs. On the levels that pit you against the multiple opponents allowing all but the opponent reach the time zone then tackling the last opponent before they reach at the end zone and thereafter will allow you to jump to the next level.

How to play

When the game has loaded then you have to click on the green continue icon to reach the main menu there after you will get 5 option of a defender and here you have to pick one  of them and after that, you have to press up for first level.

When you bring your opponent down successfully then you will earn credits and by using of credits you can buy many features as I told above in the starting of this post about sharkpie energy that energy will boost your player's running speed but you have to use it again and again for every time of running. 

If you don’t have money you can purchase the credits through “Defender store” and if you running back makes it to the end zone for a touchdown, you will lose your one chance.  Once all of your game lives are used  then if you want to play again in that case you have to restart this game from the beginning.


Here you will use the arrow keys for controlling your defender’s all movement. Whenever you get close to your opponent then here you have to press either z button or space bar to tackle your opponent and then you will win the game, if you could not win then you have to press down arrow key for restarting again and you will get only 7 chance to win and if you will lose you have to restart this game from the beginning.

If you want to play this game just visit this website and after visiting you have to press up key and thereafter your game will start and I have told you all the rules and instructions so go ahead and play this challenging game. I don't think you would have any problem now.

Wanna see this game in action? Here you go!

Example Game

When you will visit the link which i have mentioned above thereafter you will see the display like this, here you have to click on "PLAY SUPER BOWL DEFENDER"

 Best Super Bowl Game

then you will see on your display something like this here you have to click Up arrow to start the game, then the game will begin.

Best Super Bowl Game

after tapping the up button then you must tackle you opponent and for tackling you just need to go closer your opponent and thereafter you have to press the either spacebar or "Z" key. When done right your opponent gets tackled.

and when you will finish the first round then you will get to the next round and here you will get two opponents and you have to tackle both of them before reaching there on the end zone.
Best Super Bowl Game

As you can see in this picture below i have been able to tackle first opponent and after tackling an opponent, one pop up will show on your screen as you can see in this image below "AWESOME TACKLE".

And now i m going to tackle the second opponent. Let's see what will happen.

And now as you can see that i am very close to my second opponent and i am gonna catch him soon now.

Best Super Bowl Game

Finally I was able to tackle the second opponent too and now I have won this level and now I am going to get to the next level.

In this level here is a twist and i,e, our opponent is running towards us and that's why this level is a little bit difficult.

As you can see I have tackled him again, I am awesome haha.

Now we have came to the next level and this is a really difficult level here we have to tackle a car which is really not easy.

So in order to tackle the car, first I am gonna take the Shark pie energy drink for fast running and may be thereafter I will be able to tackle the car so let's go.

So here the car is coming and let's see whats gonna happen now.

Oh no, I have lost the game, the car has reached the end zone.

And the game is over now so guys as you see in this example game this game is really awesome to play and I am sure you will like it so what are you waiting for, go ahead and start playing this game the link has been mentioned above.

Got anything to say? Well, then let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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