“The big question for the BIG GAME”

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So the biggest question of 2018 is here : Who perform at the half time show?
Fantastico…… as we all know only 20 week or 138 days left for the SUPERBOWL LII, the 52nd superbowl and the 48th modern era NFL championship game at U.S Bank stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States at 4 feb 2018.

“A big question which is on every fan’s mind in the world, who will perform at the halftime show.”

Everyone remember last year Lady Gaga performance which blows everyone’s mind.

Superbowl is not just a game it is like a legacy
All we know that the top artist of the world are invited to perform because THE HALF TIME SHOW is basically most awesome live moment of the music and more than 120 million eyes of the worldwide audience are dying to catch the performance.

Some rumours says that, this year Gaudelli asked Underwood to write a new number , her song “The Champion” at the opening ceremony on the Big Sunday of the Big Game on 4 feb 2018.

The power punch of the music , by the world top artist celebrating this big day as a festival of the year for which all the football fans which are waiting for this day.
To rock the dome on the Big Sunday there are some best, not best actually the bestest Billboard artist.

Some of them are:

Despacito” everyone is singing this song by the top artist which is always famous for his rocking performance and the love from all his female fans “Justin Bieber
Yes JB the rock star boy. He is also in the list of billboard artist list in the big game “Superbowl LII”

Drake” Billboard’s reigning artist of the year is at the top of the list with 13 billboard awards in total. He is proved to the universe appeal that he could entertain with his power pack performance on the half time show on the big day of the game.

There is no bigger hit maker in the today’s generation. The only name is “Rihanna” beauty from Barbados. Rihanna is the big player for the big game half show time performance. She holds the Guinness world record for the most digital singles sold and is the only artist in history to sell over 100 million singles and a lot of track records.

Taylor swift clear cut competitor as she dominated the music world in 2015 becoming first women in history to win a Grammy for the year twice as a lead artist.

ED SHEERAN- The most popular singer-songwriter has been flying up the ranks as one of the most popular touring artist of the year. He is created some music which catch the heart of his fans which pop tunes, but his underrated guitar skills are a spectacle of their own.

Pink” this high flying diva has made a name for herself by incorporating complicated mind-blowing acrobatics into her performances.

Whether it is aerial choreography or swinging from trapeze, this “raise your glass” singer has plenty of the party anthems to bring her exciting shows to an bigger stage.

Now just go and vote for your favourite artist on billboard.
Now see who will give his/her kickoff perform who rocks the audience at the half time show at the big game.
Keep your excitement on the top for the Superbowl LII.

 It's Not A Game , It Is Legacy

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